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About Us


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

                                                                                                                      -Walt Disney


Dreams are an inevitable part of our life. There is no greater pleasure in the world than witnessing your dreams come to reality. We started off with one clear picture in mind, to bring as many dreams as we can to life. We help our clients understand and visualize their exact requirements through sketching and 3D model rendering. We help them understand suitable designing, manufacturing process and provide them with competitive solutions for their requirements.

Our Story

Our dream started off with making a simple Instagram page and now we are full-fledged design and manufacturing studio providing end to end solutions. We specialize in industrial design, automotive design, package design, and product design. Our manufacturing expertise ranges from injection molding, FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic), Rapid prototyping (3D printing & vacuum casting), laser cutting, router cutting, metal fabrication driven through intense research and hard work that shapes into a total solution unit.


“Dream big, because together we can make it a reality”

                                                                                          -DreamHatcher Studio

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