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graphic design

Graphics are an important aspect of any product. It is the first point of contact between the brand and its customers. 

Shaze Gift Packs

Shaze wanted to develop an artisan tea and coffee gift packet to offer with their Tea Brewmaster and Coffe Caffeinator. We developed their labels and boxes keeping in mind Shaze's theme of clean, elegant, and rich   


RELOAD Micro Nutrients

RE Load wanted to launch their new vitamin effervescent tablet line with three offerings Vitamin C, Go Greens, and Multi-Vitamin. We developed their labels with a bright range of colors so as to bring the product nutrients alive  

Xtream Force Nutrition X Grow Mass Series

XFN wanted to develop a new lifestyle series of supplement offerings with multi flavors so as to target different age demographics. We developed their labels with a subtle touch having a modern touch. Purposefully keeping X large so that it would stand out as a badge and be part of all their future offerings